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Freeblades Rules Companion v1.6


Rule errata for the core rulebook (CRB).
Rules that have been added to the game.
A master list of talents and skills.
Talent advancement tables.
Weapons and Items.
All published Freeblades scenarios.
Faction and spell lists for all the factions added to the game.
Cross rulebook Index.



You must have an account and be signed in when you purchase the Companion in order to be able to download it or any updates. Once purchased, you will be able to download the Companion again by going to your “My Account” tab on our website. Whenever we update the Companion file, you will be able to go back to your account tab and download the updated version!



The Freeblades Rules Companion is your one-stop shop for all Freeblades rules needs not found in the core rulebook. While we make a large number of products that enhance game play: additional scenarios, play aids, model cards, etc., our intent is that the only two products one needs to play the game are the core rulebook and this Companion. Enjoy!


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