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Trilian: Starseeker

Trilian: Starseeker

DGS Games produces high quality metal miniatures in the 32mm realistic scale. Our miniatures are sculpted with careful attention to realism and details. Our realistic scale figures are compatible with 28mm Heroic scale and easily used with multiple game systems.  We also offer Freeblades miniature skirmish rules that use these unique figures in our fantasy world of Faelon.


The game Freeblades is a fantasy skirmish game set in the vibrant world of Faelon. Freeblades are fortune hunters who operate under contract from one of Faelon’s many factions. A freeblade contract permits the holder to operate without restraint outside of the issuing faction’s boundaries for a share of any plunder or profit. In return, the freeblades can expect protection once back inside the faction’s borders.

Freeblades uses our unique tiered dice system and is quick-playing, and most games are completed in less than 90 minutes. The rule system is suited for casual gamers as well as tournaments.  There is also a special section on league play.


Map: Faelon

Map: Faelon

DGS also plans to produce Freecaptains, a fantasy battle game where you pit warbands from the factions of Faelon against each other in exciting tabletop battles. Join our forums and look for the Playtester Instructions to get directly involved with the playtest team in making the fantasy miniature games you have always wanted to play.

Also in development is BrightSword, a roleplaying game (RPG) set in the world of Faelon and BrightSword’s playtest is open, meaning you can participate in testing the game simply by downloading the latest playtest rules and instructions in the Downloads section.

All three games will be fully compatible, using the same core rules and figures. Players will be able to move seamlessly between skirmish, battle, and roleplaying games with the same characters! Along side Faelon, there are plans for science fiction and historical games.

DGS is committed to maximizing gamers’ enjoyment through quality products, a superb customer experience, and daily interaction with our fans.

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